The Vthumb is not intended to be worn for every game, and you might never use it. It is simply offered as a cheap insurance policy for that game you find later, or you can wish you had one when that moment arrives.

Here is a list of examples of games where a Vthumb would come in handy.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

In order to hit the ball long a golf swing motion is made with the left joystick, with a quick and well timed movement. Achieving the long shot requires a movement that is difficult to repeat consistently. The thumb slipping on the joystick and the soreness are prevented by wearing a Vthumb.

MX Unleashed and ATV Off road Fury

Both of these games feature a preload function for long jumps. The joystick movement is back at the bottom of a jump and forward at the top of the jump. Timing this motion in order to achieve the long jump results in a sore thumb, if a Vthumb is not worn.

Project Gotham Racing 2

The act of steering around the tight tracks leads to applying too much pressure on the joystick. The Vthumb softens the ends of the range of motion, and pads against overpressure. Furthermore, the Vthumb will shift on the thumb if too much pressure is applied giving the wearer an uncomfortable fit reminding the player to ease the pressure being applied.


A dual control game that utilizes different combinations of the joystick directions to perform different fight moves. In order to defeat the opponent, the game player must quickly combine a series of moves. These motions over a long period of time result in tender thumb tips. Either wearing the Vthumbs on both thumbs from the beginning or putting them on oce any sign of pain will allow the gamer to continue play.

Other uses for the Vthumb

As the Vthumb has multiple sizes, it can be worn on any finger.

These uses for Vthumbs are presented for fun and curiosity sake, while some ideas may have merit, others are simply to make you laugh. We welcome you to write in with crazy(or real) uses you can think of (must be worn on thumbs and fingers).

1) People go to Las Vegas to spend a weekend playing video slots. Playing slots for hours and hours takes a toll on the finger tips, particular for the elderly. Wearing a Vthumb will protect the fingertip from repeated button pushing.(Thanks Gramma)

2) A cut or a soar on a finger can be painful if it is bumped or rubbed. Wearing a Vthumb on a finger not being used for the task at hand (punn intended) will protect the cut or soar from bumps or rubbing.

3) Wearing a Vthumb on an index finger and the thumb allows for hot pot lids to be removed without locating the hot pad or towel. The dexterity to operate a knife or appliance is maintained.

4) If you like fishing, but you hate the slimy worms, use a couple of Vthumbs! Sense of touch is dulled, but adequate to allow the handling of bait without squishing it.

5) Fingerless gloves are used by many people rather than taking there gloves off repeatedly. The drawback to fingerless gloves is the fingertips get exposed. Wearing Vthumbs at the ends of each finger permits you to expose only the finger or fingers that need be exposed.

6) If you have the nervous habit of rolling your fingers on a desk when you are bored, a Vthumb on each finger will protect you from stern glares, loud verbal assaults or worse!

7) Parents may not be able to stop little children from sucking their thumbs, but the Vthumb just might discourage it. At the very least the thumb won't turn into a soggy mess.